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Whether you’re a budding performing artist or a self proclaimed shower singer, this is your space to discover and express your authentic voice. (Cracks and all!)
Master your mindset, align your body & breath, and connect with your inner voice through singing & creativity.


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Singer & voice coach on a melody making mission to elevate human expression

After pursuing a career in opera, I reached my breaking point when I was diagnosed with vocal nodules while getting my Master’s degree in voice. Little did I know this would be my biggest blessing. The long (and quiet) healing process provided me the space to get to know myself — my inner voice — without the ‘noise’ from the outside world.

The Whole Voice is a platform that combines the teachings I’ve learned as a professional singer, voice coach, and songwriter. I’m here to guide you towards connecting to your authentic voice — both internally and vocally.

Singing sounds good when it feels good — let’s get back to our roots and enjoy having this amazing instrument!


expand. express. enjoy.
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