Feeling good sounds good.



the whole voice is the culmination of:



years of performing


years of coaching


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A method that combines vocal technique with self care & personal development, The Whole Voice empowers you to align your inner voice with your self expression. Your voice is your authentic truth.


whole [hol]: the holistic connection between the mind, body & soul

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why sing —

It’s time we switch the dial from impressing to expressing. Singing isn’t just about sounding good. It’s about feeling good.

We live in a world that values pleasure and entertainment. (Rightfully so!) But most of us are taught that if you don’t sound good, you don’t have “it.” And that means you’re meant to be an audience member, not a participant.

Singing, on the other hand, is innate. And everyone has a voice.

With the rise of the wellness & consciousness movement, there’s an unmistakable collective curiosity for self care. And the good news is — it’s more accessible than ever. We can journal, move our bodies, eat healthy foods, pull tarot cards, take bubble baths, binge on CBD…

And now, we can add singing to the list.

Singing releases endorphins and dopamine (the happy chemicals) in our brain, mimicking the feeling of being high, happy, and in a flow state. In fact, human biology shows us that when we feel good, we sound good (not the other way around).

And all it takes is just 5 minutes of singing.

My mission is to empower you to discover and express your voice — for you.


the story —

It took a severe vocal injury to finally make me listen to my inner voice.

Since I was 12 years old, I’d been studying classical vocal music. I received two degrees in Vocal Performance and on my way to becoming an operatic soprano in Los Angeles, I was diagnosed with vocal nodules. Suddenly, I lost my identity.

6 weeks of recovery turned into 6 months, all while melting in debilitating shame as a professional artist. My heart cried every time I tried to make a sound. But by the time I was able to sustain my high C's again, something inside of me had already changed.

Within my period of silence, I learned something that rocked my world:

The less I cared about what I was “supposed” to sound like, the more I shared (and trusted!) with my authentic voice. The best part? It felt good to sing — in my body, mind, and soul.

I feel undeniably called to empower others to express their truest self. By bridging the gap between classical vocal pedagogy and the new age perspective at wellness modalities, I aim to change the way we explore the human voice.

Because no one should ever be afraid of being heard.


professional bio —

A California born and bred soprano, Allie Tyler is a heavily sought after vocal artist who believes whole heartedly in the sanctity of music as a whole, rather than identifying as an artist with a specific genre. She received her Masters in Music from USC with a split emphasis in classical & contemporary vocal arts, and her Bachelors in Music in Vocal Performance from Cal State Fullerton.

Allie has performed the soprano solos of Haydn’s Creation, Bach’s St. John Passion, Handel’s Messiah, Schubert’s Mass in G, and Faure’s Requiem. She’s had the honor of performing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Pacific Symphony, Long Beach Baroque Symphony Orchestra, and the Akron Symphony Orchestra on the stages of the Hollywood Bowl, Pantages Theatre, Staple Center, Honda Civic Center, and Segerstrom Performing Arts Center, among many others. She’s performed the operatic roles of Gretel in Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel, Anne Egerman in Sondheim’s A Little Name Music, and Madame Silberklang in Mozart’s Der Schauspieldirektor.

Allie now resides in Golden, CO where she sings with Denver’s St. Martin’s Chamber Choir, Boulder’s Are Nova Choir, and makes special appearances as a soloist for a variety of events.