The Easiest Way to Get Better at Singing

Let’s face it. Humans don’t (naturally) wan’t to practice.

We just want to be good at it already. And, more importantly, practicing is…boring.

(Let’s be real.)

For whatever reason, when we think about the idea of “having to practice,” our mind immediately turns to “oh god” mode. (The same mode that comes from having to pay your taxes…)

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Here’s what’s interesting —

The word “practice” actually has two meanings — to practice vs. a practice. And there’s actually a big difference.


Let’s think of practicing as a verb (which it is) — working on a specific task/skill/technique to improve. Some people need more practice than others. And some skills require more practice. (You think opera singers skim by on memorizing their music?) Every skill, no matter what it is, requires you to practice.

There’s a lot of ways to go about practicing. But the main things you need are a clear intention/goal, a space to sing, and a plan for your practice time. (Among other things!) Trust me when I say that practicing is the key to improving your voice.

BUT…it isn’t always the easiest. (I mean, finding a space alone can be tricky!)


Have you ever taken a yoga class and thought “wow I’m out of shape!”?

(Okay, maybe it’s just me…)

What I love about yoga is the emphasis on the practice as exactly that — a practice. There is no destination is sight. In fact, the practice itself is why you do it in the first place (and not for a performance at the end of rehearsals).


Take this in. Because this is so different than what most artists will tell you about what practice means.

I mean, think about it.

Imagine going into a room to practice singing, and you do this everyday for….yourself. Not for karaoke night. Or a staged performance. And certainly not for a competition. Instead, you made singing a daily practice for the love of the art itself.

The EASIEST way to get better

Here’s the secret: stop thinking of ‘practicing’ as a chore. Don’t even write it on your to-do list.

Not yet, at least.

Instead, try this and I promise you — you’ll get better at singing far faster than you’d ever realize!


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